Hi! We’re David and Denise Gilhousen and we help active, mature travelers to plan heart-touching moments in magical places that bring you closer to nature, God, and each other!

Do you crave these memory-making times, yet get overwhelmed by all the choices and time-consuming details of travel planning? Are you stuck in a travel rut visiting the same, less satisfying places?

What if you could bust out and experience travel that immerses you in a different culture or climate? Do you seek travel that will stimulate your senses so that you return full of fantastic photos to show friends? We can connect your travel dreams to delightful destinations through our travel services. 

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Here’s just three of them….

The Oregon Coast – it’s not “The Beach”

Vast, rugged and scenic are three words that come when describing Oregon’s Coast.  It’s perfect for photographers, nature lovers, and small-town explorers – but it’s too cool for dedicated sun worshippers. Everything here is connected through U.S. 101, the Coast...

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Quintessential Quechee Vermont

Everywhere you turn, the charm of Quechee and neighboring Woodstock grabs your attention.  Whether it’s perfectly constructed covered bridges or the beautiful Federal and Georgian style homes, the hands of early American craftsmen are still evident.  Then, add today’s...

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Travel Tips


Cameras for Better Travel Photos

Not happy with the quality of travel photos taken by your iPhone?  Are the wildlife images too small and the sunset images too grainy?  Are you looking for something better without spending a fortune on a heavy camera that that takes lots of training to master?  Maybe...

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Renewal Time in the Covid Age

Hoping to travel next year if a vaccine is introduced?   So am I, but my concern is that everyone will wait until the week that the vaccine is announced to make their travel plans plus renew their passport, get their real-id., renew TSA Pre-check etc. etc.  If you...

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Avoiding Cruise Control

  Cruise Control? What do we mean by that? Most Baby Boomers either love, love, love cruises or really hate them.   Getting stuck doing the same cruise or land-based vacation is putting your fun on cruise control. In this video, David and Denise urge you to get...

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