Hi! We’re David and Denise Gilhousen and we help active, mature travelers to plan heart-touching moments in magical places that bring you closer to nature, God, and each other!

Do you crave these memory-making times, yet get overwhelmed by all the choices and time-consuming details of travel planning? Are you stuck in a travel rut visiting the same, less satisfying places?

What if you could bust out and experience travel that immerses you in a different culture or climate? Do you seek travel that will stimulate your senses so that you return full of fantastic photos to show friends? We can connect your travel dreams to delightful destinations through our travel services. 

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Here’s just three of them….

Alberta: Alaskan Alternative

  Alberta: An Alternative to Alaska Longing for that epic Alaskan cruise and Denali tour, but concerned about a virus or flu outbreak on a crowded cruise ship?  Or, perhaps you’ve looked at the type of immersive, excursion-heavy Alaskan vacation you want and...

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Steamboat Springs spells Winter Fun

Great Fun, Even if You Don't Ski!   Denise and I along with out two adult children spent a week in Steamboat Springs, Colorado during their annual winter festival.  We shopped for art, tubed down a frozen hill, watched fireworks from our balcony, went for a...

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Arches & Canyonland Parks

 Moab, Utah Serves as Home Base   Interested in seeing incredible rock formations from the road, through short hikes, kayak trips, or off-the-road jeep trails?  Arches and Canyonlands National Park in Eastern Utah make a fantastic, not-too-crowded...

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Five Reasons Why You Need a New Orleans Airport Guide

If you live in the New Orleans area, you’ve probably heard about the rough start to the new airport – heavy traffic, security delays, lost baggage, and long lines for Uber and Lyft pickups. The good news is that there’s been great improvement.  But if you drive there...

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