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Do you crave these memory-making times, yet get overwhelmed by all the choices and time-consuming details of travel planning? Are you stuck in a travel rut visiting the same, less satisfying places?

What if you could bust out and experience travel that immerses you in a different culture or climate? Do you seek travel that will stimulate your senses so that you return full of fantastic photos to show friends? We can connect your travel dreams to delightful destinations through our travel services. 

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Six Tips for Driving the Big Sur

The rugged Big Sur coastline qualifies as must-see scenery.  This remote section of the Central California coast features 5,000-foot-tall mountains that plunge into the sea.  In between, is cliff-hanging Route One with its spectacular vistas of sky and sea. The 90...

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Misty Mountaintop Monteverde – Birder’s Delight

Are you an eco-tourist looking for a safe, family-oriented destination and don’t mind cool, misty weather?  Mountain-top Monteverde is hard to beat. Monteverde is famous for its unique birds, rich orchids, frogs, monkeys and butterflies that thrive in the lush forest...

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St. Lucia: Quintessential Caribbean

Close your eyes and picture the perfect Caribbean island?  You’re probably picturing gorgeous beaches, colorful flowers, posh resorts, romantic couples, and green hillsides set against an azure sea and blue sky.  For many, St. Lucia epitomizes their island dreams....

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Travel Tips


Five Steps to Make Travel More Spontaneous and Fun

Many of us make detailed travel plans, but it’s the unexpected moments that bring the joy.  They are the times when we connect and make memories, maybe with ourselves, nature, or a special someone.  I call these our Hallmark moments, and an endless variety of things...

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Three Caribbean Islands that Hurricanes Bypass

Hurricanes.  Whether they are Category 5 disasters or Category 1 nuisances, they can ruin your getaway.  Yes, the chances of being unable to get off the island and weathering a storm there is low.  But there are many other ways a hurricane can turn your getaway into...

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